Wolf (Canis lupus)


                                 mounted by Markku Natri and Florian Polensky

medium wolf, walking, slightly right turned, closed mouth 

measurments:  (A x B x C x D x E): 13,8 x 28 x 42 x 120 x 76cm

recommended CC glass eyes: 190 RD, 20mm, B6

recommended IPT eyes: 190IPT 17/26  B69

recommended earliners: KO/H-WO1

change out head with open mouth: AK-WO5-O

if mounted with open mouth:

jaws:  JN015  

tongue: TRO15 (relaxed) or TSO15 (snarling) oder TPO15 (panting) 


                 direction always seen from the animals view


SO-G-WO5-R-G                         wolf                     € 248.-

prices + shipping costs and VAT

order at www.taxidermy.ch

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